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To Request a Pump Out 


Please call SEPTIC LINE/MAINTENANCE SHOP at 306.984.2358 and leave a detailed message with your Name, Phone Number, Lot/Block or Civic Address. Our Service team will be be checking messages at 8am & 1pm daily to ensure prompt service. Messages left after 1pm may not receive service until next business day.

Service Hours - Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

We will not have septic service on Saturdays & Sundays or Statutory Holidays

**Please be reminded that once a household has received 5 “dips” per calendar year, they will be charged $30 per dip” thereafter.**

Dip means wastewater is lower than 1 foot marked on a measuring stick. If you are on a regular schedule and will be away or do not need weekly service please call to change your schedule.


Clear access to your holding tank is required for all pump outs or service will be denied. Example: Vehicles, dogs at large, snow, trailers, rocks or uneven ground etc.)



RATEPAYERS: The Resort Village of Chitek Lake is one of the only municipalities that provide septic service included in the property taxes. 

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