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Preliminary work underway for Sewage Lagoon Upgrade Project

Resort Village of Chitek Lake 

October 24, 2018

The Resort Village of Chitek Lake has begun initial work on its Sewage Treatment Lagoon Upgrade project in order to ready itself for the construction season in 2019. Initial steps for the project during the fall of 2018 include drilling test holes and clearing trees  at the junction of Highway 24 and Highway 945 on the east side of Highway 24,  1.5 km South East of Chitek Lake. Other work over the winter will include the completion of a design for the project. Construction is targeted to begin sometime in 2019.

Once completed and fully operational, this upgrade will result in more efficient wastewater treatment and a cleaner and improved environment. Through the Small Communities Fund (SCF), the governments of Canada and Saskatchewan will each contribute up to 1.1 million dollars toward this project for a combined federal-provincial investment of up to 2.2 million dollars.The Resort Village of Chitek Lake will fund the remainder of the project. The total eligible project cost under the program is up to 3.3 million dollars.

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