Snowy Trees



A statement letter written by the Mayor of the Resort Village of Chitek Lake regarding the intended harvesting operations by SAKAW in Chitek Lake.  

There is a "need for responsible stewardship of living resources and the
conservation of natural diversity and viability of indigenous species and wildlife population must remain the highest priority"

- Mayor, Sandra Svoboda

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January 20, 2021

NEW Bylaw 152-2020:
Septic Service Fees Set

A Bylaw of Resort Village of Chitek Lake to set service fees for septic tank services.

For more information please visit the bylaw here. 

Bylaw 152-2020


November 19, 2020

NEW Bylaw 151-2020:
Interest Accrual

A Bylaw of Resort Village of Chitek Lake to authorize the addition of interest on outstanding accounts receivable. 

For more information please visit te bylaw here. 

Bylaw 151-2020


January 20, 2021 

February Newsletter

The Resort Village of Chitek Lake is proud to present a recent addition to our local newsletter. 


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November 27, 2020

Harvest/Logging Update

Community of Chitek Lake: Please be advised that the Council of the Resort Village of Chitek Lake is both aware of and pursuing action for reevaluation of harvesting operations/logging by the Ministry of Environment and undertaken by Sakaw Askiy Management Inc. Chitek Lake falls under Unit #27 of the harvesting plan which is set to commence early Winter 2021. A letter has been written on behalf of Council and Mayor and has been submitted to the office of Jeremy Harrison. 

Council will be having a virtual meeting with Sakaw Askiy Management Inc this coming week and in addition to that, more members from the company will attend virtually the upcoming council meeting in December. 

Please note that we are attending to this promptly in attempt to have the draft harvesting plans looked at and discussed in further detail as to ensure adequate forest preservation.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the village office. We also invite members of the community to email Sakaw Askiy Management directly with further questions or concerns at


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